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The Managers Cheat Sheet

The Managers Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leaders – Inside CRM

Just leaving the office and didn’t want to forget to visit this site. Great read!


Beatles coming to iTunes

It’s not often I spew Apple rumormill there are much better sites to get it from, but I’ve been thinking about this latest release that people have been posting about from Apple with a closing sentence that read:

And the beat goes on

That was also the closing sentence in the Beatles’ last press release. I think this is a good indication that we’ll see iTunes carrying Beatles songs now.

Oh and NBC just kicked to the curb for trying to muscle Apple into increasing the DRM controls on the iPod… not just for attempting to raise the price of TV shows to $5 an episode. Puhhhleeez. Five bucks for something I get free off the air (or torrents)?

Update: Okay, missed this one… that’s what I get for spooling up the rumormill.


Why I’m not buying Bioshock

The Inquirer has an interesting story about why they’re not digging Bioshock. And from the research I’ve done, I think I’m going to follow their lead.

Sony’s latest game, BioShock is rocking the review sites with ledgendary reviews and customer feedback… but why wouldn’t I consider buying this and getting on the bandwagon? DRM. Yes, I’m taking a stand against Sony and SecurRom digital rights management. I’m sick of being treated like a criminal when buying my software.

Is it bad enough I get searched at the exit of BestBuy like a shoplifter? Now I get the same treatment from the software I install.

No thanks, enjoy the rootkits.

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