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“Tubes” Senator Indicited for Lying to Feds

Today, Alaska Senator Ted “Series of Tubes” Stevens was indicited for lying to federal investagors. Apparently he falsified some information on finacial records. Stories like this reaffirm my belief in karma. Senator Stevens became famous for his explanation of how … Continue reading

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Shocking… well, not really.

The last few months at my new job I’ve been squishing small and medium bugs to get systems up to par. Service packs, patching, firmware updates, software upgrades, or just organized to make life easier for everyone involved. Our server … Continue reading

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TrendMicro Appliance Randomly Blocking

I’ve been fighting an odd issue and finally found a resolution with the assistance of TrendMicro’s support. A few users (six out of 22k) reported that they weren’t getting email from anyone outside of the network. A few test messages … Continue reading

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Life update.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, the real life has been keeping me busy but I try to get to the forums every day or two. My new career has kept me hopping. The college is busy … Continue reading

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