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Sophos Home Firewall with Captive Portal Guest Network using Airport Extreme APs

KISS, keep it simple stupid. An old saying I try to keep in mind when working on a solution. My home network hasn’t maintained this zen philosophy. My most recent setup has been driven by a recent discovery that I … Continue reading

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vCloud Director Failing to Customize Windows 2008 Server

This evening I got an urgent email from a colleague that just got the rug pulled out from under him. His customer decided that the two web servers on the front end of a SharePoint farm he was building couldn’t … Continue reading

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Network Path Not Found

We’re spinning up Windows 2008 R2 Standard servers from templates in our vCloud environment and begin to notice a problem. We can’t join them to a working domain. Network Path Not Found is the error we got when we attempted … Continue reading

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In the groove

Getting back into the groove at a new job, new list of tasks, new home schedule, and for once – a true training schedule to get me back on the road to good (better?) health. I’ve signed a five page … Continue reading

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VMware View 5.1 Deployed

I took this week after classes finished to tear down our View 4.6 cloud that was hosted on vsphere 4.1 ESX servers and redeploy it properly with a dedicated vCenter server, upgrade the vmware environment to 5.0 U1 and then … Continue reading

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