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Network Path Not Found

We’re spinning up Windows 2008 R2 Standard servers from templates in our vCloud environment and begin to notice a problem. We can’t join them to a working domain. Network Path Not Found is the error we got when we attempted … Continue reading

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In the groove

Getting back into the groove at a new job, new list of tasks, new home schedule, and for once – a true training schedule to get me back on the road to good (better?) health. I’ve signed a five page … Continue reading

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VMware View 5.1 Deployed

I took this week after classes finished to tear down our View 4.6 cloud that was hosted on vsphere 4.1 ESX servers and redeploy it properly with a dedicated vCenter server, upgrade the vmware environment to 5.0 U1 and then … Continue reading

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My new whip.

As a technology professional, I typically have most of the equipment I need provided for me by my employeer. My laptop for the last four years has been a trusty ThinkPad T400. Upgraded over time to its final configuration of … Continue reading

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USB Concentrators And The Software That Sells Them

Recently I’ve been targeting some old servers for virtualization. Getting rid of these old, slow, power sucking, rack hogging servers should be in my job description… worded just like that. Only thing keeping these dinosaurs around is software that the … Continue reading

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