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Apple’s Safari Push Backlash

Windows users who installed and use iTunes are familiar with the Apple Software Update. This is a great utility to ensure everyone stays up to date with the latest bug fixes and security updates.

apple-update This week Apple has decided this would be a great way to push down their web browser to Windows users, regardless if you’ve installed previous versions. Most folks will just click next and let it do its magic.

I disagree with this method of marketing. A software update utility is for (you guessed it) updating software.  If they wanted to use this installer for pushing down new software – they should have called it something else.

This is a questionable tactic to trick me into installing something I don’t want. Why, Apple, would you risk negating the trust you’ve earned with Windows users just to get your browser on their desktops?

Regardless of how I feel about Safari as a browser, this makes me worried about what else is Apple going to push on me? Due to the fact that I’m unable to remove Safari from the list of download "updates", I plan on blocking the update app at the firewall.

Many people say that Microsoft already does this – look at IE7 and Silverlight getting pushed out through the update service.


Beatles coming to iTunes

It’s not often I spew Apple rumormill there are much better sites to get it from, but I’ve been thinking about this latest release that people have been posting about from Apple with a closing sentence that read:

And the beat goes on

That was also the closing sentence in the Beatles’ last press release. I think this is a good indication that we’ll see iTunes carrying Beatles songs now.

Oh and NBC just kicked to the curb for trying to muscle Apple into increasing the DRM controls on the iPod… not just for attempting to raise the price of TV shows to $5 an episode. Puhhhleeez. Five bucks for something I get free off the air (or torrents)?

Update: Okay, missed this one… that’s what I get for spooling up the rumormill.


Apple embeds account info in music files

Arstechnica brought it to my attention that Apple has been embedding my account information in the files I download from their iTunes music store.

On one hand, that’s understandable given that the encryption key is linked back to my account on iTunes music store. The very same reason you must authenticate when playing a encrypted music on a new installation of iTunes.

But why couldn’t they have just embedded an arbitrary account number associated with my account? Did they want to make it easier for the mafiaa to track down music sharing folks? I wonder if this was a strong arm tactic and why didn’t Apple protect our privacy better?

I cracked open a couple of files (pre-drm free itunes) with notepad and in the first page of code was my name and email address in plain text. And this is only in plain text, no telling what else is embedded in there.

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