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VMware View 5.1 Deployed

I took this week after classes finished to tear down our View 4.6 cloud that was hosted on vsphere 4.1 ESX servers and redeploy it properly with a dedicated vCenter server, upgrade the vmware environment to 5.0 U1 and then … Continue reading

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Ultimate Deployment Appliance

I’m excitied to begin automating vSphere (ESX) server installations. I now have four servers, ready to install vSphere for our VMWare View environment. I could easily just bang them out one at a time with a USB DVD drive and … Continue reading

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DroboPro Performance Testing Part 2

My original post included a quick and dirty test on raw hard drive performance using HDTach to give me an idea of what I was working with with my new DroboPro. Of course true to any benchmarking test – there … Continue reading

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DroboPro Performance Testing

Recently I was able to purchase and test two Drobo storage appliances. A DroboS with five disks and a DroboPro with eight disks. All the disks are the same size, speed, and manufacturer. The specs are listed further below for … Continue reading

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VMWare lays the smack down

The Register reports that VMWare is ramping up the bad P.R. against Microsoft’s competing product – VirtualPC. This kind of marketing is probably good at this time of the year – it gets me prepared for the next onslaught of … Continue reading

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