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I’ve been sitting on a few domains with some ideas rolling around in my head… but no time to actually bring them to fruition. After staring at a blank html page for too long – I decided to park them with GoDaddy’s Cash Parking service. Initially I opted for two of my domains, and only paying for the service month to month.

GoDaddy charges $4/month to provide the service and takes 40% of the ad revenue. It sounds like a rip – but it’s the lesser of many other services, and I don’t have to hand over my domain. For another $3, I can keep 80% of the profit. A few quick calculations, and I’m better off starting small.

So with some luck, my domains will generate enough cash to pay for themselves… I don’t want to let them expire and some squatter jump on them. I think they have potential – but I just haven’t time to develop them.

So over the next few weeks and months I’ll share what I end up making with this deal, stay tuned.

Update 2/22

I found a cheaper way of cash parking! Using Sedo, I’m able to list my unused domains for sale AND cash park them with a decent ad site.

I probably won’t be the first to say that the ad page generated by Sedo isn’t as slick as GoDaddy’s but the price is right and I get my site listed on a busy buy/sell site for domains.

Results so far,
In three days, I’ve received three visitors and one click on a domain. Profit – $0.24

A simple DNS change in my GoDaddy admin panel and poof, I’m in business.

Annual cost of domain: $7.24 x 6 domains = $43.44 / 12 = $3.62/month

Cost of cash parking: $3.99/month (unlimited domains)

Total monthly cost to break even: $7.61

  • A total of 27 impressions, zero click throughs, zero profit.

    Total profit -$7.61

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