Verizon Stores open for iPhone comparison shoppers.

In a Verizon Wireless press release yesterday, Verizon will be keeping its stores open until 9pm to show customers their multimedia phones and the functionality they gain when connected to a faster network. This blogger is an Apple fan, but knows that if you base a device on network applications for customization – you better […]

HP doesn’t buy Intel/Microsoft hype

ZDnet reports that HP has stepped up and called Intel and Microsoft out. Intel’s latest technology buzzword “Turbo Memory” is an extra 1GB of memory added onto the latest Centrino line of laptop motherboards. This memory is split into two 512MB partitions of space and used by Microsoft Vista to improve read/write access to hard […]

Apple embeds account info in music files

Arstechnica brought it to my attention that Apple has been embedding my account information in the files I download from their iTunes music store. On one hand, that’s understandable given that the encryption key is linked back to my account on iTunes music store. The very same reason you must authenticate when playing a encrypted […]

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