Vista Service Pack 1 Released (again)

Vista SP1 was released this morning, but didn’t show up anywhere except on the tech news channels. A visit to Microsoft’s site had nar a mention of it anywhere – not even their Vista area. After some digging, I finally found it.


Choose the x86 version or the 64-bit version depending on your version of Vista.

The x86 version weighs in at 485MB and is the stand alone installer. I ran Windows Update twice and was told no updates were available.

I’ll post a follow up when I’m back online, let’s hope they fixed the reboot loop.


Update completed with only one reboot, and I’m back in business. So far, no complications.



After a few days of running Vista Ultimate with SP1, I’ve found some driver compatibility issues creep up. The OS stalls on Shutting Down… occasionally. Some applications will hang and can’t be killed – even using task manager or killtask /f. And booting up seems to take a while longer.


Okay, enough. I’ve got work to do and SP1 is actually costing me money. Thankfully uninstallation of SP1 was much quicker than the install. Took me around 15 minutes and I’m back up and running. I found Windows Update disabled, which I thought was rather odd.

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  1. Indeed. Many of the tech news stories mentioned Windows Update, but a revisit shows most have updated (or changed) the content.

    Thanks for the info Tom!

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