Apple’s Safari Push Backlash

Windows users who installed and use iTunes are familiar with the Apple Software Update. This is a great utility to ensure everyone stays up to date with the latest bug fixes and security updates.

apple-update This week Apple has decided this would be a great way to push down their web browser to Windows users, regardless if you’ve installed previous versions. Most folks will just click next and let it do its magic.

I disagree with this method of marketing. A software update utility is for (you guessed it) updating software.  If they wanted to use this installer for pushing down new software – they should have called it something else.

This is a questionable tactic to trick me into installing something I don’t want. Why, Apple, would you risk negating the trust you’ve earned with Windows users just to get your browser on their desktops?

Regardless of how I feel about Safari as a browser, this makes me worried about what else is Apple going to push on me? Due to the fact that I’m unable to remove Safari from the list of download "updates", I plan on blocking the update app at the firewall.

Many people say that Microsoft already does this – look at IE7 and Silverlight getting pushed out through the update service.

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