Reinstalling HP’s Network Configuration Utility

When you launch the HP Network Configuration Utility from the control panel or the system tray and get this error:

An error occurred due to invalid data in the XML file used by this application. The XML file has been corrupted and should be reinstalled from the installation media.

You have no obvious way to resolve it. The recommendations are to disolve the team or reinstall the NCU. The trick is you need the NCU to disolve the team and the NCU doesn’t appear in the Add Remove Programs!

Attention: Before you go banging through these steps to rip out and replace your network connections, please read the steps first. Enjoy not having to learn from your own mistakes because you will have learned from mine!

I had software installed on my server that was licensed according to the MAC address of the Team – and it stayed the same. Your milage may vary so be sure you don’t nuke the team before you know exactly what your software is going to do if the MAC changes.

  1. Document your NIC team settings (including IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS servers, and all of the other customized fields) so you can enter them back in again later.
  2. Download a recent version of the NCU from HP’s website specific to your server’s operating system and place it on the desktop of your server for easy access.
  3. Connect to your server from iLO or a console – RDP will be useless after you nuke your network connections.
  4. Navigate to the properties page of one of the physical NICs on your server (see the screenshot I provided).
  5. Click on Properties
  6. Click in the “This connection uses the following items:” area on “HP Network Configuration Utility”
  7. After you’ve confirmed that you’ve done steps 1 and 2 – Click Uninstall
  8. Confirm all of the confirmation screens and reboot when it tells you.
  9. After the reboot, run the NCU installer.
  10. After a successful install of the NCU – launch it.
  11. Configure your network with a new team using the information you copied down in step 1!

Enjoy your new fully functional NCU. If you need further assistance, HP Support will be your best resource, check out their new support site:


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