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“Tubes” Senator Indicited for Lying to Feds

Today, Alaska Senator Ted “Series of Tubes” Stevens was indicited for lying to federal investagors. Apparently he falsified some information on finacial records. Stories like this reaffirm my belief in karma. Senator Stevens became famous for his explanation of how the internet works by comparing it to a series of tubes, but also explaining that
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Quiz: Ice Cream or MySpace Band?

A fantastic quiz I found on Are these ten items names of a canceled Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream or a music band that is probably only known on MySpace? No cheating… Take The Quiz… My Result: 3 out of 10… 🙁

April Fools on the Internet… so last year.

Sorry to disappoint, but there’s not enough fodder on the web to post much. has their annual April fools wares, but other than the typical fake news stories most of the offenders last year have been straight. Google… I was expecting so much more this year.