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Why I’m not buying Bioshock

The Inquirer has an interesting story about why they’re not digging Bioshock. And from the research I’ve done, I think I’m going to follow their lead. Sony’s latest game, BioShock is rocking the review sites with ledgendary reviews and customer feedback… but why wouldn’t I consider buying this and getting on the bandwagon? DRM. Yes,
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london 2012

Someone may want to call London and tell them their ad agency really cocked up the Olympics’ logo. Seriously, I hope they didn’t pay money for that. The Register’s readers have some great comments about it.

Cigarette fire takes out Internet2

The Register reports that a Cigarette fire takes out Internet2. A lit cigarette carelessly discarded on a mattress is blamed for starting a conflagration which knocked out services on Internet2 (Abilene Network) between Boston and New York after it burnt cables which run through the Longfellow Bridge, which connects Boston and Cambridge across the Charles
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