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Again and again!

I can’t get this song out of my head! The Bird and The Bee… Again & Again.

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Guitar Hero Robots… rock on, geeks!

A few hardcore geeks have solved the latest problem holding back their community – how to beat some of these insane Guitar Hero songs on expert or Dragon Force’s Through the Fire and Flames on any difficulty. Well a few … Continue reading

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Quiz: Ice Cream or MySpace Band?

A fantastic quiz I found on Are these ten items names of a canceled Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream or a music band that is probably only known on MySpace? No cheating… Take The Quiz… My Result: 3 out … Continue reading

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First day.

First day of my new job went pretty well. Half of the day was supposed to be spent going over benefits and legal stuff but they shifted that to the afternoon. So my morning was spent getting a more formal … Continue reading

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