Guitar Hero Robots… rock on, geeks!

A few hardcore geeks have solved the latest problem holding back their community – how to beat some of these insane Guitar Hero songs on expert or Dragon Force’s Through the Fire and Flames on any difficulty.

Well a few ideas are looking promising.

Kevin Herron developed Tom Hannu, a Guitar Hero bot and a YouTube user he uses to post videos of the bot slaying songs on expert with 100% accuracy. The songs are preprogrammed into three applications which then spews out the strums and notes out to a breadboard wired into a dissected Guitar Hero controller. Very cool and very accurate.

Demo Video:

Second bot:

Jeremy Blum, went with more of a hardware attack on this problem.

This slick bot that actually watches the live video using optical sensors to pickup incoming notes and then relaying the strums and notes to a dissected Guitar Hero controller. It’s not infallible, but pretty darn good for not knowing what the next note is going to be until it shows up on screen. Some of the effects in the game mess with the optical sensors – but a few tweaks and I think this will be almost perfect.

Here’s a sample:

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