Video Professor sues critics

John Scherer, you ought to know the Internet is a ruthless voice of the public. When you go on TV and put on your infomercial about your free learning CDs, and then turn around and wallop these unsuspecting folks with an $90 upsale charge – you better darn well know people are going to be mad.

And yes, they have a right to post their experiences online. And even though the Bush administration is slowly eroding away our rights – the first amendment is still pretty strong.

What was your answer to this obvious failure in customer service and lack of business etiquette? You sue the site that is holding the small amount of identifying information of the people who claimed to have been scammed. Wow, bad shot there

Okay, John. To save your company, I’ll offer my services for free. Here’s how to clean the mud off your image.

1. Call off the lawyers.
2. Audit your call center’s calls.
3. Investigate your billing system for charge backs.
4. Be honest during your commercials. You must actually tell people that you’ll be charging them the full price of your product if they decide to keep it for a week. Fine print doesn’t count… no it doesn’t. No REALLY – IT DOES NOT COUNT.

Fine. Have it your way, John. You’ve been Dugg. By the way, my free service wasn’t actually free. You’ll be getting a bill in five days for the full amount of my services. You can call my call center in Bangladesh to contest these charges.

For even more details, check out the story on Arstechnica

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