Radiation Proclimation!

So just how many wireless technologies can you use at the same time? A few weeks ago Woot! had a killer sale on a set of bluetooth headsets from Kyocera. At $25 + $5S&H I couldn’t pass up the deal. After they arrived I realized that my laptop didn’t have the newer EDR bluetooth chip that allows for high speed bluetooth connections… no wonder it takes for ever to transfer files.

But my Treo 700w does and with a recent firmware update from Palm, it added the stereo headset profile (score!). So now I have a phone on Verizon’s EVDO high speed network and a set of bluetooth headphones streaming music from the shoutcast network. I’m typing on my laptop connected to an 802.11g wireless network while Kathy chats on a 5.8Ghz digital cordless phone. And to top it off, I’m wearing a watch that is synchronized to the atomic clock on Boulder Co.

In the last few years the technology has changed so fast and introduced so many new ways to use existing tech that it’s mind boggling. Even as I type this, an RSS story pops up on my desktop describing a new use for wireless USB. Wireless USB – 400Mbit short range (30 feet or so) full duplex serial data connection. Even five years ago we were in awe of a wired connection that was that fast.

Yeah, I know the wrist watch is a stretch… it’s only receiving an update once a day at 3am.

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