Icons, a blast from the past.

In my day to day work, I’ve gotten into the same routine. I’ve come to accept the OS I use for what it is, a utilitarian tool to get a job done. As you can probably guess I migrated back to Windows for the time being because of a few quirks with linux. I still maintain a CentOS server on my desk and use it every day. But for now I’m rolling with XP…

Yesterday I tripped over an old Mac site that I hadn’t visited since I owned a PowerPC Mac running OS 9… IconFactory.com used to be a weekly visit to see what was new and hip in the icon world. Because changing file icons was something so easy on a Mac, more icons were made for them. Well, these folks knew the icon art. They even made many of the icons we see on Windows machines – XP and Vista. They are artists, through and through. True to the art of icon creation.

I was pleasantly surprised that they make Windows icons now (and have been for quite some time). I’m starting to customize my icons to make it feel a little less like a corporate machine and more like my own. Yes I may be polishing the proverbial turd… but it’s my turd and I’ll polish it with an icon or two that I like.

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