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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on its way!

Firefox isn’t quite out of beta yet, they’ll be tossing the fourth beta release on the new distro. As soon as Firefox goes final, it’ll be available in the updates. The Ubuntu 8.04 is in beta and is available now, final release will be in… well, scroll up a titch and look at the pretty graphic. I could rip the release notes from Ubuntu, but seriously… I’m not that kind of blogger.

* Big Changes since 7.04

* Pick your flavor!


Ubuntu 7.10 Released!

Don’t even bother trying to use a mirror to download this popular linux distribution.

Grab the torrent from this page:

15 minutes using the torrent versus 8 hours ftp from a mirror. Remember to continue to seed after you’re done!


Breaking News: Dell & Ubuntu

Google News feeds are alive with a press release from Dell and Ubuntu. Dell will be making the wildly popular free Linux distribution available on select Dell laptops and workstations.

Many folks assume this will drop the price significantly due to the price difference between Windows and Ubuntu, but don’t hedge your bets. Dell will be spending a lot of money on maintaining support and driver compatibility for Ubuntu, something that will arguably cost more than Windows XP (but probably not more than they’re spending on Vista).

What this does bring to the market is a corporate sponsored and supported linux distribution specifically made for home and corporate users. Others have tried, but none landed a sweet deal like this one.

RedHat tried – failed, but succeeded in the server market. SuSE partnered up with Novel, but never really took off.


Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Released Today

Version 7.04 of Ubuntu, Linux for the normal people, was released with a ton of fanfare. Released parties around the world (no joke!), and normal distribution channels were hammered with requests.

My suggestion to you? Bit Torrent. The more people downloading, the more people will be uploading – and the easier you’ll make it on these nice universities that are mirroring the updates you’ll be downloading later.

I’m running it now – SuSE took an update a few weeks ago that really had my head scratching. I wasn’t the only one suffering through that… but all’s well that ends well.

And they even fixed the 3D Desktop Special Effects in time for the final. Yeah!

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