Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Released Today

Version 7.04 of Ubuntu, Linux for the normal people, was released with a ton of fanfare. Released parties around the world (no joke!), and normal distribution channels were hammered with requests.

My suggestion to you? Bit Torrent. The more people downloading, the more people will be uploading – and the easier you’ll make it on these nice universities that are mirroring the updates you’ll be downloading later.

I’m running it now – SuSE took an update a few weeks ago that really had my head scratching. I wasn’t the only one suffering through that… but all’s well that ends well.

And they even fixed the 3D Desktop Special Effects in time for the final. Yeah!

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Released Today

  1. Let us know if you get the OpenGL Beryl going on your machine. I’m to stupid to do it myself, but love the look. I’m a sucker for useless eye candy stuff in my operating system! hahaha Keep us posted.

  2. It worked out of the box for a while, then mysteriously stopped. The deal breaker right now is ATI’s proprietary driver doesn’t support xgl -or- multi-displays. I’ve had to resort to Windows yet again until I get that figured out.

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