Crouching Vista, Hidden Telnet

I use the command line a fair amount of time because its a quick and easy way to perform small tasks with different input. Like DNS lookups using dig, or FTP just to grab a quick file without having to configure yet another FTP profile in my FTP client.

Telnet is one that I truly miss in Vista. Fortunately its still there, just disabled by default. I’m sure that decision was part of Microsoft’s ideal secure operating system. I could easily see how telnet could be used nefariously by a virii or trojan.

For those of you who want it back, it’s so simple to install it… don’t go out and buy a client, unless you absolutely need to.

1. Open Computer Computer
2. Click on the button along the top of the window called :  Uninstall or change a program uninstall a program
3. Click on Turn Windows features on or off in the Tasks column to the left of the main window. tasks
4. Allow the process to run by ack’ing the UCE pop-up window (if you haven’t already disabled UCE)
5. Scroll through the list of Windows Features, until you find Telnet Client. Mash the check mark followed by the OK button. winfeatures
6. Wait for the install to finish, and you’re good to go! telnet

If you want something more robust or at least with a GUI or can handle more technical tasks or customization, check out PuTTY. A handy windows installer is available from them. Or if you prefer to bring your utilities with you, check out the portable version.


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One thought on “Crouching Vista, Hidden Telnet

  1. Telnet is not installed by default in Vista because it is generally considered to be a huge security risk. In most cases, you should try to use SSH instead, which is like telnet but encrypted and secure. Try AbsoluteTelnet if you want something that can do both telnet and ssh ( and it has a tabbed interface as well). Check my sig for a link.

    Brian Pence
    Celestial Software
    AbsoluteTelnet (for telnet and ssh)

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