iPod Touching

Any users out there with a Philips SBD6020 iPod dock having issues with their iPod Touch? I have a 2nd Generation 32GB Touch (an awesome gift from the entire family for Christmas) docked here at work and it appears to be exhibiting some odd symptoms.

1. The top of the dock base gets very warm while charging, near the right of the iPod (it is plugged into AC, not using 6 x AAA batteries)

2. An audible static is emanating from the speakers and seems to change when I touch the screen.

I’ll continue researching the issue but until then, I’m not comfortable leaving the unit in the dock. I guess I’m only out $20, and my daughter can use it for her Nano. 🙂

I thought maybe someone would trip over this in a Google search and post in the comments. Cheers and happy holidays!

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