Blog Maintenance

WordPress has been good to me. I want to rebuild the site with a new theme and start over with content. So in the next few days, you may notice this site change drastically, hopefully I’ll get things stable by the EOW. Technorati Tags: blog

Google loves me, 3 of 10

Google has bestowed upon my site a PageRank of 3. This is higher that I normally would expected a personal blog to get, every. So just to satisfy my curiosity and ego, I ran a URL Trend check on my domain, here’s what I got: PageRank: 3/10 Alexa Rank: Not Ranked Incoming Google Links: 0 […]

Nope, it’s not down… just refreshed!

I’m jumping platforms like an old Mario game – I’m off of Jomla and back to WordPress. Give me a day or three to get it rearranged and hacked up like I like it. Thanks for stopping by!