Google loves me, 3 of 10

Google has bestowed upon my site a PageRank of 3. This is higher that I normally would expected a personal blog to get, every.

So just to satisfy my curiosity and ego, I ran a URL Trend check on my domain, here’s what I got:

PageRank: 3/10
Alexa Rank: Not Ranked

Incoming Google Links: 0
Incoming Yahoo Links: 898
Incoming MSN Links: 17
Incoming Alexa Links: 5
Overall Incoming Links: 920 (Overlap is possible – Estimated 898 unique links)
Outgoing Links: 24 (Ratio: 0.000% – Each Link Receives Approx. 0.106 PR)

So, it’s not Amazon or Yahoo.. but not bad for just a hack in the box website.

One thought on “Google loves me, 3 of 10

  1. Good going Midge! Pretty cool seeing as though Google has 0 lol. I wish my site could get that far lol.

    Anyways good job ! Keep it up. I came here before and I think it was something else, so I just went to the forums instead.

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