Color Cop

Every once in a while, I’ll run into a problem that my current collection of tools just can’t do efficiently. I get to thinking, I wonder if someone out there was annoyed at this problem and developed something for it…

colorcop.pngWell my dilemma today was picking the exact color of an area, like the vertical column of tan on the right side of this page. Technically its “ECFDCE” which is a hexadecimal number that represents the color. I needed it to blend the Google Ads into the background so they didn’t look so darn f-ugly on the page.

Jay Prall developed Color Cop for just such an occasion. Its a tiny app that stays above all your current applications. To use it, you simply grab the eye dropper tool and drag it to the area you want to sample. Even if you’re just aiming for a single pixel on a 19″ monitor – Color Cop has a magnification window that shows your eye dropper at an adjustable magnification.

It also can do seven different color coding standards and give you the last seven color samples that you did.

It really has saved me time, great work!

See it in action and download it here:

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