Running with a Penguin

I’ve officially made the switch away from Windows today. The R52 Thinkpad I use as my primary computer is now running Ubuntu. I haven’t the heart to compile Gentoo on it yet… but I hear it’s a smidge faster and lot lighter.

So far so good – I’ve got wired and wireless networking up and running. 181 updates completed using Synaptic package manager, and now I’m going to tackle video drivers.

I will be forced to run a virtual machine with Windows XP for work. There are a few applications I have to run locally to do my job… but I’m going to force myself to stay in the linux environment as much as I can so I get used to it. I’m already looking forward to it.

5 thoughts on “Running with a Penguin

  1. How did you get your wireless working on your R52? I installed ubuntu 7.10 and haven’t had any luck getting my wireless to connect! it will show a connection and all available wireless networks but won’t connect to the internet (or even ping a server…). Help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ubuntu 7.04 just worked, right out of the box. The R52 came equipped with Linux friendly Intel Pro Wireless/Wired networking, so that makes it a lot easier.

    I’d recommend posting your problem with as much detail about your R52 to the ubuntu community forums. There are some great helpers out there. Thinkwiki is also a great resource.

    Good luck, man!

  3. Hey Bro,

    How’s that virtual machine working out for you? I got stuck on my linux distro, but I’m still dual-booting with Windows XP. I’m not that hard core to install a virtual machine, plus my Windows is hacked. Damn my pirating ways!

  4. I was stuck as well… I migrated back to XP for the time being. Although my new laptop came equiped with Vista ultimate – it was short lived, and upgraded to XP within a few weeks.

    I run Ubuntu in a virtual machine and also on a desktop at work, but for now my primary OS is XP.

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