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Woman tries to buy all of the iPhones at a store and gets owned.

This woman brought $16,000 to try and buy all of the iPhones at a store in Dallas to sell them on eBay. She pays a guy $800 for his first spot in line. Once the AT&T store opens, she is told there is a limit to how many she can get! The guy walks away with free iPhone.

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Verizon Stores open for iPhone comparison shoppers.

In a Verizon Wireless press release yesterday, Verizon will be keeping its stores open until 9pm to show customers their multimedia phones and the functionality they gain when connected to a faster network.

This blogger is an Apple fan, but knows that if you base a device on network applications for customization – you better have a fat pipe available for folks to access those. Sorry AT&T, but EDGE doesn’t cut it.


london 2012

london2012 Someone may want to call London and tell them their ad agency really cocked up the Olympics’ logo. Seriously, I hope they didn’t pay money for that.

The Register’s readers have some great comments about it.


HP doesn’t buy Intel/Microsoft hype

ZDnet reports that HP has stepped up and called Intel and Microsoft out.

Intel’s latest technology buzzword “Turbo Memory” is an extra 1GB of memory added onto the latest Centrino line of laptop motherboards. This memory is split into two 512MB partitions of space and used by Microsoft Vista to improve read/write access to hard drives and often used data that would normally be stored in RAM.

So what’s the rub? Intel is charging $50(US) more for this 1GB of storage. And add to the fact that it’s a Vista only technology. Linux and XP users are stuck paying for more crap they won’t use (or frankly – don’t need).

HP has gone on record by stating that a user can spend $5 on a 1GB SD Card or thumb drive and get the exact same performance. They also found, unsurprisingly, that if they add an additional 1GB of RAM to the system (at a similar cost to intel’s cost of Turbo Memory) – they exceed the performance of a unit without the extra ram and 1GB of readyboost.

I, for one, applaud HP for sticking up for its customers or at least saving them a few bucks on this wishy washy technology – unlike Acer, Dell, and Toshiba have already drank the kool-aid.


Apple embeds account info in music files

Arstechnica brought it to my attention that Apple has been embedding my account information in the files I download from their iTunes music store.

On one hand, that’s understandable given that the encryption key is linked back to my account on iTunes music store. The very same reason you must authenticate when playing a encrypted music on a new installation of iTunes.

But why couldn’t they have just embedded an arbitrary account number associated with my account? Did they want to make it easier for the mafiaa to track down music sharing folks? I wonder if this was a strong arm tactic and why didn’t Apple protect our privacy better?

I cracked open a couple of files (pre-drm free itunes) with notepad and in the first page of code was my name and email address in plain text. And this is only in plain text, no telling what else is embedded in there.

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