Project Honey Pot Files $1B+ Lawsuit Against Spammers

News Flash: Project Honey Pot Files $1B+ Lawsuit Against Spammers

Alexandria, VA April 26, 2007 — Project Honey Pot filed suit in the Eastern District of Virginia seeking damages for spam and email address harvesting targeting the Project’s members. The suit was filed against the entire universe of John Doe defendants using any of the 2,593,657 IP addresses captured by Project Honey Pot over the past two years, and seeks potentially more than $1 billion in statutory damages under the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act and the State of Virginia’s Anti-Spam statute.

Good luck with that. Seriously, even if one tenth of one percent of the spammers are caught and punished – it would be considered a victory.

I donated a domain to this project and route its mx record to them for the sake of capturing spam. It’s good to know they’re doing something with it! So if you’d like to be added to the list, or you’re just a stupid bot harvesting email addresses, here’s a great one for you:, enjoy!

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