Vendor Hell

A vendor that shall remain anonymous (for now) has almost guarenteed they won’t be getting future business for me any longer. The sad thing is that it wasn’t directly related to any mistake they made, but how they follow up on mistakes made by their suppliers.

Frankly, I don’t care who makes the mistake – they sold us the product. And on three seperate occasions couldn’t tell us when it was going to be delivered or where it was in transit. Another incident happened yesterday where we received the completly wrong product, even though the packaging slip shows the correct one. Sure, nothing we can blame our vendor directly – they put the order through correctly. But when I call and get no response on when the right one will be arriving, I begin to discover why these schmucks guys were the lowest bidder on our government contract.

Unfortunately this little snafu has thrown a huge monkey wrench into our schedule. A typically lenient college schedule only affords us a few weeks of network and service instability before everything must be running again. A luxury in most companies, I’ll admit that. But then again, we’re working with a smaller budget. Now everything is on hold and nobody can give me an answer.

I’ve unleashed the dogs and hopefully we’ll get some answers today, but I have to say a certain company has lost a lot of respect in our department.

Charley Delta Whisky… folks, it can’t get much clearer than that.

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