GIMP Tutorials

I’ve been transitioning from purchased software to open source. My biggest leap is going to be making the jump from an old version of (pre-Adobe) Macromedia Fireworks to GIMP.

My life just got a tad easier with this collection of GIMP Tutorials. Now I’ve got a greater understanding of Gimp controls and features. I’ve been told if you use Photoshop, Gimp is just an open source version that has just about every feature. Well, I come from the Fireworks bench – so a lot of this is new territory.

One thought on “GIMP Tutorials

  1. Gimp is great! I used it for a few months as my chalkboard at school. I had a lot of my kids download it at home and mess around with it. I ended up going back to photoshop with my acquisition of CS3 for intel. Haven’t gone back yet. The jury is still out.

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