Street level mapping in Madison, WI: caught on film.

I was reading about the ladybug camera unit that Google has been using for street level mapping on Gizmodo. And on my way home from work – pow, one zooms by me in Madison, WI.

Well, I couldn’t leave it at that. I had to snap a photo… fair is fair, they got one of me. It’s not much but I got a clear shot of the ladybug2 cam mounted on the Chevy Cobalt.

Street Mapper

Funny thing was, when I crossed their path at the next corner – the passenger in the rear seat snapped a photo of me with his camera phone… I guess fair is fair. 🙂

Drive safe Google photogs, enjoy your ride through Fitchburg, WI.

2 thoughts on “Street level mapping in Madison, WI: caught on film.

  1. How interesting! I thought I had seen a list of upcoming sites somewhere (I may have imagined it) and we weren’t anywhere on it. Hope to see us on there soon 🙂 .

  2. It very well could have been MSN’s street level mapper crew. But what are the chances they use the exact same equipment?

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