Reinstalling HP’s Network Configuration Utility

When you launch the HP Network Configuration Utility from the control panel or the system tray and get this error: An error occurred due to invalid data in the XML file used by this application. The XML file has been corrupted and should be reinstalled from the installation media. You have no obvious way to […]

Silicon Valley’s Next Big Innovation: Pay Cuts

Silicon Valley’s Next Big Innovation: Pay Cuts. Cutting 5% pay or lay folks off… HP made the right choice. Also an interesting quote from the story: MIT economist Martin Weitzman suggested in the 1980s that instituting pay cuts instead of layoffs could make recessions shorter and less painful. By setting base salaries lower and making […]

HP doesn’t buy Intel/Microsoft hype

ZDnet reports that HP has stepped up and called Intel and Microsoft out. Intel’s latest technology buzzword “Turbo Memory” is an extra 1GB of memory added onto the latest Centrino line of laptop motherboards. This memory is split into two 512MB partitions of space and used by Microsoft Vista to improve read/write access to hard […]

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