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VMWorld and Work

Image via Wikipedia VMWorld 2009 ¬†and many other VMWarevirtualisation topics are still rolling around in my head. So many ideas, so many paths… so many vendors calling me after the conference. Some interesting tidbits of discussions included baremetal VMWare View clients. In response to portable thinclients like the WyseMobile Thinclient, VMWare wants to install its
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Latest Run!

I’ve started running with Kathy a few weeks ago – she’s already kicking my arse, but supportive of my efforts to run. Nike+ and my iPod have made running almost fun. Feel free to add me as a friend if you’re out there… just don’t point and laugh – I’m a noobie in this endeavor.

iPod Touching

Any users out there with a Philips SBD6020 iPod dock having issues with their iPod Touch? I have a 2nd Generation 32GB Touch (an awesome gift from the entire family for Christmas) docked here at work and it appears to be exhibiting some odd symptoms. 1. The top of the dock base gets very warm
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AC/DC finally in iTunes Genius Lists

When Apple released their latest version of iTunes 8, they introduced an interesting new feature called “Genius”. Sure, it’s on par with Apple’s pretentiousness to call their features smarter than you – but I have to admit, it makes a great play list. The genius will build a play list based on the song you
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Rolling with 64bits

In my current position I have the pleasure of trying out new hardware and software. This is actually quite fun and lets me satiate my technology curiosity without blowing my budget or maxing out my credit cards.   My most recent decadence is Lenovo’s latest laptop the T400. The college is considering (with a little
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