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Video Professor sues critics

John Scherer, you ought to know the Internet is a ruthless voice of the public. When you go on TV and put on your infomercial about your free learning CDs, and then turn around and wallop these unsuspecting folks with an $90 upsale charge – you better darn well know people are going to be mad.

And yes, they have a right to post their experiences online. And even though the Bush administration is slowly eroding away our rights – the first amendment is still pretty strong.

What was your answer to this obvious failure in customer service and lack of business etiquette? You sue the site that is holding the small amount of identifying information of the people who claimed to have been scammed. Wow, bad shot there

Okay, John. To save your company, I’ll offer my services for free. Here’s how to clean the mud off your image.

1. Call off the lawyers.
2. Audit your call center’s calls.
3. Investigate your billing system for charge backs.
4. Be honest during your commercials. You must actually tell people that you’ll be charging them the full price of your product if they decide to keep it for a week. Fine print doesn’t count… no it doesn’t. No REALLY – IT DOES NOT COUNT.

Fine. Have it your way, John. You’ve been Dugg. By the way, my free service wasn’t actually free. You’ll be getting a bill in five days for the full amount of my services. You can call my call center in Bangladesh to contest these charges.

For even more details, check out the story on Arstechnica


Radiation Proclimation!

So just how many wireless technologies can you use at the same time? A few weeks ago Woot! had a killer sale on a set of bluetooth headsets from Kyocera. At $25 + $5S&H I couldn’t pass up the deal. After they arrived I realized that my laptop didn’t have the newer EDR bluetooth chip that allows for high speed bluetooth connections… no wonder it takes for ever to transfer files.

But my Treo 700w does and with a recent firmware update from Palm, it added the stereo headset profile (score!). So now I have a phone on Verizon’s EVDO high speed network and a set of bluetooth headphones streaming music from the shoutcast network. I’m typing on my laptop connected to an 802.11g wireless network while Kathy chats on a 5.8Ghz digital cordless phone. And to top it off, I’m wearing a watch that is synchronized to the atomic clock on Boulder Co.

In the last few years the technology has changed so fast and introduced so many new ways to use existing tech that it’s mind boggling. Even as I type this, an RSS story pops up on my desktop describing a new use for wireless USB. Wireless USB – 400Mbit short range (30 feet or so) full duplex serial data connection. Even five years ago we were in awe of a wired connection that was that fast.

Yeah, I know the wrist watch is a stretch… it’s only receiving an update once a day at 3am.


Icons, a blast from the past.

In my day to day work, I’ve gotten into the same routine. I’ve come to accept the OS I use for what it is, a utilitarian tool to get a job done. As you can probably guess I migrated back to Windows for the time being because of a few quirks with linux. I still maintain a CentOS server on my desk and use it every day. But for now I’m rolling with XP…

Yesterday I tripped over an old Mac site that I hadn’t visited since I owned a PowerPC Mac running OS 9… used to be a weekly visit to see what was new and hip in the icon world. Because changing file icons was something so easy on a Mac, more icons were made for them. Well, these folks knew the icon art. They even made many of the icons we see on Windows machines – XP and Vista. They are artists, through and through. True to the art of icon creation.

I was pleasantly surprised that they make Windows icons now (and have been for quite some time). I’m starting to customize my icons to make it feel a little less like a corporate machine and more like my own. Yes I may be polishing the proverbial turd… but it’s my turd and I’ll polish it with an icon or two that I like.


Internet People! -The Meth Minute 39

It’s sad how many of these clips I recognize…

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